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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   What do the dues cover?

A.   Your annual dues allow you to participate in the club as a member and to sign up for the main events of the club year that the PHOSC puts on. They also allow you to be a part of as many interests groups you wish to be involved in. Interest groups may carry an added fee depending on the type of event (i.e. crafting event, cultural tour, restaurant meetup). Specific details will be posted in each event prior to sign up. Dues also cover website fees, taxes, & various club operating expenses.

Q.   How do I find out about the interest groups and events?

A.   The best place to stay connected with PHOSC events and activities is through our five Facebook groups, one for each of our PHOSC Interest Group categories (Living Aloha, Do It Yourself, Keiki & Pets, Outdoor Adventure, and How'z It). Once you are a paid member you will have access to these private Facebook groups. Events and activities (face-to-face and virtual) are planned on these pages. Any member can plan an activity. Most events will also be listed on the calendar section of the PHOSC website, however event registration process varies depending on the event host's preference.

Q.   Are the interest groups free to attend?

A.   Yes and no. Yes each group you wish to be a part of has no extra joining fee. However, depending on what the group is (i.e. lunch meetup where everyone pays their own lunch costs) the price may vary or carry no cost at all (yoga, hiking, etc). Details will always  be posted within each event or interest group.  

Q.    How do I update my profile?  

A.    The membership tab will take you to your membership application. You will need to be logged on to proceed.

Q.  Are dues prorated?

A.  There are two membership cycles- July and January. Dues for those who join July to December are $40. Those who join for the first time in January or later will have prorated dues of $20. The club year runs from August until May, and all memberships expire in May to close out that club year. New club year membership sign up begins in July for the following club year.

Q.   We are relocating before the end of the membership year, do I have to pay for the entire year?

A.   We are a non-profit 501(c)(7) organization.  The social events, charitable contributions, and club expenses spent annually per member far exceed what a yearly membership costs per person. The club year runs from August to May, with all memberships expiring in May. Half year memberships are for those who sign up in January or later, & take into account that a member may have PCSed to Hawaii late in the club year. No refunds or prorations are given for those who PCS before the club year ends in May.

Q.   Does my spouse need to be stationed at Pearl Harbor to become a member?

A.   No, spouses do not need to be stationed at Pearl Harbor to obtain a membership with PHOSC.  The only membership requirement is that you be the spouse of a Military Officer - Active Duty, Retired, or otherwise or the spouse of a Department of Defense GS-9 and above.

 Q.   Can I bring a guest to events or interest group activities?

A.   For our main events, guests are not permitted at this time. Guests may be allowed on a case-by-case basis during interest group events. Event details will outline whether a guest is allowed, and what, if any, fees are due for their participation.

Q.  How can I contact someone with my questions?

A.  Please email your questions to or

Q. How can I follow PHOSC on social media?

A. Although our Facebook groups are members only, we do have a public Facebook page & an Instagram account. Follow us on Facebook here, & on Instagram here!


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